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27 September 2008

portrait of no city

art / portrait of no city - study for illustration
tools / pen, copics, photoshop

This is my first Post... why this? Cause it's the first thing I got scanned and did some work on for days! My notebook was striking. After some airbrushing the ventilator clean, it seems as if the problem may be solved.

Have been wanting to get this blog thing going for a while now... so better start it with whatever I have than waiting and waiting for the 'right' picture, moment, or whatever else is supposed to be the 'right' something. Maybe I was also just looking for a justification for this blog. But there isn't one, appart from feeling that doing this was going to be a much more honest and 'freeing' way of dealing with things, good or bad, positive or negative, than writing stuff in a diary/sketch book-for my eyes only-kinf of thing. Someone I know has been doing this kind of a thing for a while, and I find it so great that he doens't hide his comments or views of the world, but he just puts them out there and those who care to, can read them and do whatever they want with it.

There is a wise saying that goes along the lines of 'say what you think and how you feel then and there, for those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind'. I shall try to put this into practice more often.

Good night to you! I'm going to sleep... but first I want to see what this is gonna look like when posted, hehe.