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5 January 2009

"... has invested her religion as well as her morality in sound income-paying securities. She has adopted the unassailable position of a nation blessed because it deserves to be blessed; and her sons, whatever other theologies they may affect or disregard, subscribe unreservedly to this national creed."

Agnes Repplier, Times and Tendencies

25 December 2008

navidad, navidad, blanca navidad...

halucinante, pero real!!!
Bueno, first of all: FELIZ NAVIDAD!!!! that everybody understands in any language...
but returning to halucinante:
I had a strange but somehow lovely christmas. First I got invited to some friend's friend's home were I spent a lovely evening... and although I thought nothing would be ok, without my family and loved worked! I ended up seeing everyone thru skype or chatting with them. But really the most amazing was the picture of my parents, brother, nani, omi, maria,and even pepe (the dog) staring back at me thru the screen!All at once! It was soooooooooooo cool! I even got to see the turkey and open my mega big package in front of them, had toasts and listened to my favourite x-mas tunes... Of course it's not the same as being together, but hey, wowowowowowow wooooow! It was great!

Merry Xmas again everyone! and hope u all had also such a wonderfull present as me =)

23 December 2008


...she slept during the day, so she wouldn't dream at night...

bueno, que decir... no hay mucho. es navidad pronto.
hace rato que no me metia a esto, por ninguna razon en especial... tenia mejores cosas que hacer o/y nada que decir. aun nada q decir, pero al menos asi mando senales de vida a la 'blogósfera': vivo.
ya hicieron recuento de su anio? (si mi tastatur no tiene enie!) el mio fue bueno. aunque extranio a mi familia como cancha. tuve visita super a comienzos y a fines del anio! estuve de viaje, alcancé algunas metas, otras quedan pa el que viene. el corazón dio sus paseos en carrusel, me volvi más vieja y supongo que por algún lado, algo más sabia...hmmm... o probablemente no.
pero sobre todo por la esperanza y que el que viene nos traiga mas por qué brindar

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7 November 2008

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Solidão furiosa - wütende Einsamkeit

"Ist es so, dass alles, was wir tun, aus Angst vor Einsamkeit getan wird? Ist es deswegen, dass wir auf all die Dinge verzichten, die wir am Ende des Lebens bereuen werden? Ist das der Grund, weshalb wir so selten sagen, was wir denken? Weshalb sonst halten wir an all diesen zerrütteten Ehen, verlogenen Freundschaften, langweiligen Geburtstagsessen fest? Was geschähe, wenn wir all das aufkündigten, der schleichenden Erpressung ein Ende setzten und zu uns selbst stünden?..."